Wiz Khalifa's record label and other businesses buy domain names

Domain Name > Wiz Khalifa's record label and other businesses buy domain names

Wiz Khalifa's record label, Rostrum Records, paid 40,000 euros to pick up the shorter domain name this past week. Its official website is

Rostrum Records was one of many companies that bought domain names over the past week at Sedo. Sedo handled 589 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.3 million. A higher-than-usual 64% of transactions were "buy now".

Here's a look at these end user domain name sales from the past week: €3,000 - BA Bergische Academy for Adult Education GmbH $25,000 - VEOLIA EAU is a water company that recently filed a trademark for PayBoost. $4,995 - Highlite International BV sells sells audio visual products. It uses the domain name $2,395 - the company that bought this domain, TrafalgarNet Productions, is building a collection of travel guides. It already has one for New York up on this domain. €4,900 - Teddy Toys Kinderwelt GmbH. Billig means "cheap" in English. $2,895 - Urban Innovations, a commercial office space provider, has a building on North Wells Street in Chicago. $8,800 - MarkMonitor acquires this domain name for one of its clients. $2,795 - the buyer is connected to Varsity Properties, a student housing company in Canada. $2,695 - Henkels & McCoy provide engineering and utilities installation. $2,195 - Legacy Fire Services appears to be in the fire-fighting equipment company. $2,500 - The domain stands for the buyer, Modular Cabling Systems in the UK. $20,000 - Byways, a UK branding company, has upgraded from to .com. $2,600 - German marketing and sales company Insignio has also added .com to go with its website. $10,000 - Pacific Magazines Pty Ltd is an Australian magazine publisher. It doesn’t list Beauty Crew on its website, so this might be a new publication. $3,495 - Midwest Dental Inc. in Wisconsin. $2,195 - this California window and door company dropped the hyphen from its domain name. €40,000 - Rostrum Records, known for Wiz Khalifa, shortened its domain from $2,145 - Italian emission control company DEC Impianti S.p.A. $2,642 -, an online classifieds service. €3,900 - Valspar, a large paint products company. €4,000 - Prime Manufacturing Group CY Ltd is a firearms company with STRYK A and STRYK B pistols.