Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

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Despite the importance that online presence has nowadays, many people have doubts about choosing the domain name for their web sites. This really is an important decision and will absolutely make a big difference in the future, especially for people looking to start a blog, as it can define a lot of things afterwards.

First, there is the need to assess the type of website you want to have and what kind of image should be passed: is it a site for a company/business? Is there an established brand? How big will the site be? Will the site have a store? These are some questions that can be asked in order to start to decide what type of domain should be chosen for the site, as only by answering these questions anyone can get a better sense of what kind of domain is a better suit.

One of the most common issues is the old conundrum regarding the length of the domain: should it be short, so that a job of branding can be applied to it (both online and offline), or go for Exact Match Domain (EMD) in order to have the full SEO benefits with the keywords on the domain? There is no exact answer for this, as it varies from case to case.


If this is a big site, or a corporate one, then a short domain name is the best bet – it will stick more easily with clients and it will also make it more “brandable”. We can take examples on this just by looking at the biggest companies around: Amazon, Apple, Google, eBay, and others, they have short names.

There are some ground rules when choosing a domain like this: names should be short and easy to remember, their writing and pronunciation should be clear and, if possible, the name should reflect what the companies does. Another important advice is to choose a unique name.

Exact Match Domain

Let’s say that you own a credit company called “Easy Credit”. A good option for EMD would be to have “easycredit” as the domain name, while the domain extension could be one of your choosing – .com is always good, but almost all of them are good for SEO purposes – and a good SEO strategy matters, just like we can see from these SEO case studies.

In the past, having an EMD like the example above would likely increase your chances of getting a better rank with Google. However, nowadays, and while there is still a slight advantage for EMDs, things are slowly getting different, something that actually makes a lot of sense as, more and more, content is becoming more important than things like domains. Today, defining an entire SEO strategy solely on the domain is wrong and likely will lead to bad results.

So, to conclude, it is important to realize that there is not a single strategy that will work for every case. Instead, it is important to study each situation and decide according to what is best and most favorable to it.