What domain names Mozilla and others bought last week

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It used to be that domain name marketplaces saw a sales slowdown over major Western holidays, particularly Christmas. Now, there’s another holiday that dials things back: Chinese New Year.

Sedo handled about $1 million worth of domain name sales last week. This is in line with many weeks last year, but below recent weeks propped up by Chinese buyers. But with “everyone” in China on vacation, it’s back to the old norm for a couple weeks. Perhaps this is a buying opportunity on auction platforms?

Mozilla, which releases the FireFox browsers, was among the end users buying domain names last week. It is clearly getting ready to release a game/marketing push about the open web.

Here’s a look at these end user domain name sales from the past week: €19,000 – Startselect is a new video gaming site from Online Prepaid Services BV. $2,400 – the buyer owns, a housewares site for South Africa. €2,000 – Mantel is a bicycling supplies store in Netherlands. It owns the matching .com domain name. $2,995 – It appears the buyer is a tax company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, although its main website isn’t resolving. (unhyphenated) is owned by a different company. $2,495 – iHeartMedia bought this domain name for its z105 station in Florida. $2,799 – Real estate company Carmel Partners is developing Hyde Square apartments in Bellevue, Washington. and $5,000 each – Mozilla, maker of the Firefox web browser. $2,499 – Craig Realty Group, a real estate development and management company. $5,000 – What a fantastic purchase by Flagstone Property Group, a property developer with waterfront properties. It recently developed a harbor at one of its properties designed exclusively for mega yachts. $2,900 – Spray-Lock, Inc. sells adhesives, including for use on concrete floors. $5,500 – Speaking of concrete, Eden Innovations sells Edencrete, an additive to make concrete stronger. $9,985 – GreenFoot is an energy company in the Netherlands. $4,888 – The unfortunately-named ISIS Pharma in France, a dematology company, recently filed a trademark application for Xerolan. $2,700 – Mailtime Technology has a communications app.